Mountain Climbing Activity of ADG

2017-5-3 16:40:33

Part of the initiative from our President, Mr. Mao Fangguo, and organized by ADG Trade Union, over 110 staff members, including all ADG staff members, partial staff members form our subsidiary and expatriate staff members climbed Lao Mountain and enjoyed the beauty of spring on April 23rd.

It rained for about an hour in the morning and then stopped when we arrived at Bashui parking area as if the heaven had known our plan and purposely did it. After the rain, the ground became wet, the green was vivid and the flowers bright. The air was fresher and all these things together with the scent of flowers made us feel at peace.
The sky cleared up after we had taken photos at the foot of the mountain. We zigzagged along the mountain path in groups of three or five, traveling through Mingxia cavern and other scenic spots. The mountain climbing activity came to an end after about three hours.
This activity not only builds up our body and allows us to experience the joy of climbing, but also represents a team work spirit and increases mutual communication among employees, which is conducive in promoting our future work.