Consul General of Qingdao for Republic of Korea visited Abundant Dragon Group

2017-10-12 10:13:13

In the morning of 20th July, Li Shouzun, Consul General of Qingdao for Republic of Korea led his delegation visited Abundant Dragon Group (short for ADG), and had deep communication about relative industries. President Mao Fangguo, vice-general manager of Development and Management Center Li Mingxun and General manager of Qingdao Yumaotong Supply ManagementCo., Ltd Han Lei attended the meeting.

In the meeting, President Mao Fangguo thanked the constant support and help given by Consul General Li Shouzun, and gave an detailed introduction of Yu Maotong Platform, environmental-friendly construction material, Nancun Health Town and Ocean Pasture.

Han Lei, General Manager of Qingdao Yumaotong Supply Management Co., Ltd introduced the project of Yumaotong cross-border E-commerce platform. Currently, overseas goods in Qingdao market are imported from the U.S., Japan, Korea, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and France. Among them, goods from Asia’s Korea and Japan occupy 50% of the whole volume, which is a large proportion. In addition, compared to normal importing business, cross-border E-commerce has great price advantage. Later, President Mao Fangguo made additional remark on Yumaotong’s management. He said from July 2017 to the end of this year, it is estimated that Yumaotong will has 20 million $ goods coming from Korea to Qingdao market. The turnover in 2018 will reach 0.3 billion $. Then President Mao Fangguo gave a brief introduction on Group’s environmental-friendly new material industry, health industry and ocean pasture industry. He expressed that we conducted constant economic cooperation with Korea, especially during this period, we should enhance more people-to-people communication, deepen the understanding between two parties.

After hearing the introduction, Li Shouzun firmly affirmed ADG’s model of industries. He expressed that environmental-friendly new material and health industry also has great potential in Korea and he’d like to introduce some relative companies to ADG to enhance industrial communication. Ocean pasture industry follows the trend of China, and Korea also happened to have the same idea. Korea faces the sea in three directions, thus it also emphasizes the development of ocean industry. He can invite some Korean experts coming to China to provide technical support in the name of consulate.