Abundant Dragon Group Renewed the Strategic Alliance Agreement with Yongcheng Insurance Company

2017-10-12 10:17:14

On June 6th 2017, Abundant Dragon Group (ADG for short) renewed strategic alliance cooperative agreement with Yongcheng Insurance Company. This is the fourth time that two parties signed the contract. From 2008, Yongcheng Insurance Company dedicates itself to providing quality and convenient insurance services for ADG, deepening the strategic relations.


Before the signing ceremony, President Mao Fangguo met the general manager of Yongcheng Insurance Company Qingdao Branch. Two parties had further communication to enhance strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, ADG will recommend key projects that meet the demand of insurance capital investment to Yongcheng Insurance Company. Under the same circumstances, clients will choose Yongcheng Insurance in priority. Yongcheng Insurance will nurture cooperative projects together with ADG and will provide ADG with financial and insurance services for ADG’s business development. Meanwhile, according to ADG and its subsidiaries’ requirements, Yongcheng Insurance will try to develop tailored new-type insurance, in order to expand the business scope of cooperation. With this bases, two parties constantly deepen cooperation, thus to realize sharing advantages, sharing resources, to reach win-win situation.

By Xia Zhengxiu

Administrative Office