Yumaotong Successfully Passed its First Business Test

2017-10-12 10:18:54

  With the rapid development of cross-border E-commerce and advantageous local policies, team of Yumaotong constantly stays focus on the industrial updates and actively coordinates with National inspection and Customs on business and system. They keep learning relative knowledge according to Qingdao market’s demand.

Compared to traditional retail business, cross-border E-commerce has great flexibility. Clients can order directly through overseas websites; overseas warehouse will sort, pack and mark, then ship the goods within cabinets by air or by ship. After online declaration, the goods will be mailed to clients.

After days of preparation and coordination, first business of eye mask has been mailed from Korea to Qingdao Airport. The declarations system was being maintained, then we filled in the declaration form by hand, generating excel and importing it into system.

The success of our first business has gained much attention from our cross-border clients, reaching initial intention for future cooperation. With the test of bonded goods and direct order passed, we make great breakthrough in cross-border business. Team of Yumaotong will further perfect the system and optimize details, setting steady bases for future business.

By Fan Yutong from Yumaotong